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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Putting Sweden on the map

Last week was really intense! On Thursday I held a presentation with Michael Albrecht from AddQ Consulting and James Bach at SAST's 15 years anniversary in Stockholm. It was one of the most scary and fun experiences I ever had in my carrier! If you are interested in hearing how it went you can go to this page First you can see James Bach's keynote, or you just skip about 1h 33 minutes forward and you'll see our presentation. I am really nervous in the beginning, but it gets better. I figure if I have held my first presentation ever in front of 250 persons, with James Bach and in English, I can do about anything. And not much can be scarier than this, so next time can only get better.

Anyhow, that was not the only conference I participated in that week. I was also invited to a peer conference. At this conference I met some very skilled and interested ET-testers, the creme de la creme of ET-Sweden. During the conference the participants presented real life experienced which we later could discuss. It could be a good experience or a bad, it didn't matter. The point is that it should be something you had experienced, otherwise you end up discussing ideas and vision, and that had a history of ending badly. Of course that is what I ended up. I sometimes want things too much, too fast. I saw an opportunity to get help from some experts with a problem i have. And I ended up getting flashed by rat-hole cards and red cards and it was more or less a disaster. I think I should have realized that mentioning the word KPI can never go well in a group like this.. So I ended up being strongly questioned by James. For all of you who had had that experience you know it is not very pleasant.. But, as he writes in his blog I'll bounce back. I think I already have, I was very upset for a while, mostly because I blew a really good chance to show what I have done SBT-wise. But now my head is full of new cool stuff I want to do with our process. Some of them are already being implemented, Per Almström is always a step ahead, and has already blog about it. I think this will be great!

Anyhow, my head is full of new testing stuff, hopefully I can sort out some of them and share with you soon!


  1. I'm happy to see you feeling positive about your difficult experience. That's just the right reaction to build your reputation.

    I look forward to seeing you at SWET2.

    -- James

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